Goldeneye 900

Transverse Lumber scanning


Goldeneye 900 Series - Quality sorting in transversal transport
Conveyor speed up to 300m/min (1000 ft/min)

Goldeneye 900 determines the overall quality of green, dry or planed lumber in one pass from all four sides. Value optimization before and after kiln drying is possible as the Goldeneye 900 grades both rough and finished lumber.
The scanner detects and localizes all types of knots as well as cracks, discoloration, pitch pockets, wanes, curvature and other dimensional defects. This allows customers to automate, streamline and optimize all further production steps.

Full quality grading
Goldeneye 900 provides accurate defect reconstruction as well as precision and reliability in determining surface quality of green and dry boards in transverse feeding. The seamless integration of color and laser scanners into one Multi-Sensor system delivers a gapless view of the surface of lumber. A simple and fast installation is assured due to a compact, single pass design. Since the boards do not need to be turned, the scanner only requires a single scan frame width. As no elevation changes are required, the scanner can be placed in an existing grading station or transverse chain section with minimal modification. The optimization software enables individual management of real and virtual optimization parameters for peak recovery. The evaluation of the scanned information is done using Microtec’s powerful image processing and optimization algorithms in order to maximize recovery of downstream production processes.

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Goldeneye 900 grading pattern
Microtec board scanner Goldeneye 900

Microtec Goldeneye 900 transverse scanner - video

Goldeneye 900 brochure


"The new scanner has allowed us to achieve more flexibility in the production, as we provide a wide range of very diverse products to customers all over the world. Our company has a long history of commitment to international markets for our lumber products. The Goldeneye 900 Scanner has reduced our trim-loss, improved on-grade accuracy in the pack and allows us to produce multiple customer runs at the same time."

Dick Jones, COO of Teal-Jones Group

Transverse Scanner Teal-Jones Group

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