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Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner for Lumber

The Goldeneye series comes with next generation X-ray technology sensors and state-of-the-art cameras and components. Award winning design and functionality is combined with the most accurate scanning results achievable by a lumber scanner for grading and quality measurement.

The Goldeneye Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner reliably recognizes wood defects, grades and classifies lumber with precision and optimizes boards for trimming and sorting, according to your specific product quality requirements.

Goldeneye Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner is robust and well protected thanks to a sealed dust-free design, easy to use even through an app on mobile devices and can be easily integrated at any position in the plant as a flexible and customized modular system, tailored to your specific needs.

Goldeneye Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner features

— Multi-Sensor cameras and sensors

— Next generation X-ray technology

— Color scanning with Full HD resolution

— Laser 3D triangulation

— Laser scattering and grain deviation scanning

— High speed on-chip image processing


Goldeneye 300 Series - Grading – Chopping – Sorting, increasing value in wood component manufacturing. Making scanning easy to use.
Conveyor speed up to 100m/min (330 ft/min)

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Goldeneye 500 Series - Grading – Chopping – Sorting, specifically developed for joinery manufacturers and manufacturers for construction products, wood components, doors and windows and furniture.
Conveyor speed up to 300m/min (1000 ft/min)

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Goldeneye 600 Series Grading – Ripping – Sorting, specially developed for large size boards up to 600mm, and plywood panels up 1800mm (6 feet) wide
Conveyor speed up to 350m/min (1200 ft/min)

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Goldeneye 700 Series - High-speed applications for glulam and construction wood.

Conveyor speed up to 450m/min (1500 ft/min)

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Goldeneye 800 Series - Achieves previously unreached feed speeds with a robust infeed/outfeed press roll system.
Conveyor speed up to 1,200m/min (4000 ft/min)

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Multisensor Scanning Image by Microtec GoldenEye

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Microtec Goldeneye 300

Goldeneye 300: Best-value Quality Scanner  //  Download brochure

Microtec Goldeneye 500

Goldeneye 500 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner  //  Download brochure

Goldeneye 600 rip optimization for sawmill

Goldeneye 600: Rip Optimization for your sawmill  //  Download brochure

Strength Grading with Goldeneye 700

Goldeneye 700 Multi-Sensor Scanner and Strength Grader  //  Download brochure

Goldeneye 800 Multi-Sensor Scanner

Goldeneye 800 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner  //  Download brochure